Table 1

Teens’ Suicide-Related and Total Hospital Visits by Reported Primary Diagnosis

Any Suicide-Related CodeSuicide-Related Code Is Suicidal IdeationSuicidal Ideation Is Secondary DiagnosisAll Visits
Panel A: Reported Primary Diagnosis
All visits36.450.375.623.237.061.920.629.948.43,068.52903.82632.9
Mood disorder is primary17.024.535.413.020.431.913.020.431.976.998.999.0
Other mental health is primary7.17.414.45.35.812.55.35.812.5139.7140.4151.7
Suicidal ideation is primary2.
Non-mental health is primary9.611.312.,849.32,657.42,368.7
Panel B: Corrected Primary Diagnosisa
All visits36.450.375.623.237.061.922.335.157.83,068.52,903.82,632.9
Mood disorder is primary18.027.540.514.023.437.014.023.437.077.9101.9104.0
Other mental health is primary7.58.516.75.76.914.85.76.914.8140.1141.5154.0
Suicidal ideation is primarya0.
Non-mental health is primary9.912.,849.62,658.42,370.8
  • Notes: The table reports the rates per 10,000 teens.

  • a Suicidal ideation is a symptom and is not supposed to be coded as primary if there is another confirmed diagnosis.

  • In Panel B, we reassign visits with a primary diagnosis of suicidal ideation and a secondary diagnosis code to make the non-SI code primary. For example, if SI is primary, but the secondary diagnosis is a mood disorder, then we count the visit in the “Mood disorder is primary” row in Panel B.