Table 8

Summary Statistics SAVE Survey

Retirees (n = 907)Nonretirees (n = 1,140)
Panel A: Retirement Timing
Planned retirement age64.922.98
Actual retirement age58.906.82
Panel B: Time Preferences
Smoker [0–1]0.140.350.310.46
Overdraft [1–4]1.691.032.151.14
Overdraft indicator [0–1]0.180.390.320.47
Panel C: Demographics
Gender [male = 1]0.520.500.450.50
Income (if >0)1,517.121,108.731,519.73985.16
Number of children2.041.411.681.37
Education [0–2]0.450.790.500.78
Panel D: Additional Controls
Financial literacy [0–9]2.941.082.951.04
Subjective life expectancy80.337.0678.608.40
Private pension insurance (PPI)
Panel E: Health Controls
Health status [1–5]3.160.833.580.80
Satisfaction health [0–10]5.542.456.442.31
Prolonged illness0.690.460.430.50
  • Notes: The table presents summary statistics for the SAVE 2010 survey for subsamples of retirees and nonretirees. Variables are as defined in the Appendix.