Table 2

Treatment Effects of the Universal Child Benefit on Abortions

July 4, 2007
May 13, 2010
August 1, 2010
Panel A: Dependent Variable—Log(Abortions)
Week FEYesYesYes
Year FEYesYesYes
Province FEYesYesYes
Average Y in 07/2006–06/20075.54
Average Y in 05/2009–04/20105.65
Panel B: Dependent Variable—Abortion Rate
Week FEYesYesYes
Year FEYesYesYes
Province FEYesYesYes
Average Y in 07/2006–06/20072.24
Average Y in 05/2009–04/20102.29
  • Notes: Estimates of discontinuity at the cutoff in an RD–DiD framework. Weekly data on the 50 Spanish provinces in the year of announcement (treatment year) and in the preceding year (control year). Dependent variables are logarithm of number of abortions per day in each week among women aged 15–44 years (Panel A) and the corresponding abortion rate, expressed per 100,000 women aged 15–44 years (Panel B). Forcing variable is the week of abortion; weeks are created such that they start on July 4 (Column 1), May 13 (Column 2), and August 1 (Column 3). Data are restricted to eight weeks on each side of the cutoff. Data in Column 3 cover eight weeks prior to May 13 on the left side of the cutoff (that is, March 14–May 8) in order to exclude the problematic period of May 13–July 31. Abortions related to fetal deformations are excluded from the sample. Standard errors are clustered at the province level.