Table 3

Summary Statistics on Minimum Wages and EITCs by State–Year–Month, 2000–2014

Minimum wage6.43  1.105.15  9.50
Number of minimum wage changes4.73  2.542.0013.00
Size of minimum wage change0.51  0.330.04  1.80
Size of minimum wage change (%)0.08  0.060.01  0.35
Has state EITC0.39  0.490.00  1.00
State EITC percent6.3910.220.0040.00
  • Notes: Each observation is a state–year–month, so there are 9,180 observations (51 states including DC × 15 years × 12 months). A change in the state minimum wage could come from a state-level law or a federal minimum wage change. Minimum wages are measured in real 2011 dollars. Note: 17 states had no changes other than the federal minimum wage increases. State EITC percent is the percent of the federal EITC that the state EITC represents.