Table 8

Summary Statistics of Potential Mediators

MeansEquality of Means
Mentally WellDepressedDifferencet-Stat.p-Value
Budget constraints and discounting
Log permanent income0.0380.026–0.012–2.2270.026
Time-inconsistent preferences
Internal locus of control0.155–0.332–0.488–39.7550.000
Nonimpulsivity–0.0260.0670.092 7.0210.000
Emotions and expectations
Emotional stability0.169–0.411–0.580–47.2650.000
Confidence in future0.104–0.248–0.352–28.4140.000
Prediction accuracy0.082–0.162–0.244–18.5800.000
  • Notes: SOEPv33.1i 2008–2016. All measures are standardized to mean of zero and variance one. All cells are conditional on individual control variables (via linear regression) and account for clustering at the individual level. Controls include: sex, age, age2, log monthly household income, own and parents’ upper secondary education or higher, household type (single person, couple without children, single parent, couple with children <16y, couple with children 16y+, couple with children <16y and 16y+, multigeneration, other combination [ref. group]), and German born.