Table 2

Reported and Administrative Food Stamp Receipt

Unweighted Observation CountsReceipt RateFalse Negative RateFalse Positive Rate
Panel A: Full Sample
CPS 6401,10410,275 9,8115.20%8.69%48.98%0.84%
SIPP 817 79310,13810,1626.14%5.95%22.82%1.64%
Panel B: Imputed Observations
ACS25621921525264.93%53.39% 3.21%28.44%
CPS 6210833128512.07%22.54%79.63% 9.65%
SIPP13010871273414.20%11.00%28.83% 7.16%
  • Notes: The false negative rate is the fraction of true recipient households with receipt not recorded in the survey. The false positive rate is the fraction of true nonrecipient households recorded as recipients in the survey. In the SIPP, we collapse receipt to the wave level. Columns 5–8 use household weights adjusted for incomplete linkage. The (weighted) imputation rates are 1.9, 3.6, and 7.3 percent in the ACS, CPS, and SIPP, respectively.