Table 1

Reported Food Stamp Receipt and Demographics, 2002—2005 CPS

Reported food stamp receipt rate   5.89%   4.73%   5.50%   2.97%
Reported average received ($)108.0594.66111.8754.87
Age under 18 0.17% 0.17% 0.18% 0.14%
Age 18–3933.02%33.71%34.79%31.20%
Age 40–6446.33%45.61%44.42%48.36%
Education less than high school15.37%13.35%13.81%12.28%
Education high school30.43%30.01%31.10%27.49%
Education some college26.80%25.09%26.32%22.24%
Other nonwhite28.82%28.30%28.08%28.81%
Hispanic 7.89% 5.63% 6.59% 3.42%
Poverty rate13.40%11.80%12.71%9.67%
  • Notes: Receipt and poverty rates are in terms of households, demographics in terms of household heads. Average received is unconditional annual dollars per household. For the demographics, the omitted category is “65 and older” for age, “college degree or more” for education, and “white” for ethnicity. All estimates use sampling weights and are based on the entire 2002–2005 CPS sample (and therefore slightly differ from the estimated receipt rates in Table 1).