Table 3

Descriptive Statistics and Test of Balance of Raw and Age-Standardized Test Scores, by Survey Round and Treatment Arm, Longitudinal Sample

Control (N= 1,404)School Feeding (N= 1,579)Treatment–Control Difference (SE)Control (N= 1,186)School Feeding (N= 1,343)
Math (raw score)1.571.680.0733.624.03
Math (age-standardized score)−0.13−0.090.051−0.040.11
Literacy (raw score)1.811.970.1063.874.33
Literacy (age-standardized score)−0.15−0.120.034−0.060.11
  • Notes: The school feeding—control difference column reports the school feeding coefficient of a basic OLS regression of each outcome over school feeding arm and controlling for child age in months. Standard errors are clustered at the community level. Lower sample sizes in the cognitive scores (as compared to the full longitudinal sample) reflect missing values in those scores.