Table 2

Robustness Checks on OLS Estimations

Baseline Estimation
Without Sample Weights
Without Winsorization
Including Fixed Effects for Origin Continent
Using Median Regression Format
Using Boot-Strapped Standard Errors
Including Expected Overage Control
Panel A: Baseline Estimation without Controls
Inverse of log ethnic group size (small groups have larger values)0.582***0.612***0.571***0.481***0.322***0.612***0.384***
Isolation of ethnic group0.325***0.331***0.329***0.279***0.220***0.331***0.334***
Adjusted R-squared value0.3730.3680.3640.5070.1980.3680.435
Panel B: Including Controls for Ethnic Group’s Traits
Inverse of log ethnic group size (small groups have larger values)0.465***0.488***0.460***0.453***0.353***0.488***0.286***
Isolation of ethnic group0.447***0.441***0.450***0.367***0.390***0.441***0.486***
Adjusted R-squared value0.4550.4520.4540.5290.2620.4520.517
  • Notes: See Table 1. Columns 2–6 provide robustness checks on the baseline specification. Regressions in Columns 5 and 6 are unweighted and should be referenced against Column 2. Column 5 reports pseudo R-squared values. Column 7 adds a control for the expected overage level for an ethnicity based on 100 Monte Carlo simulations with the number of observations in the sample.