Table 1

OLS Estimations of Weighted Average Overage across All Industries

Baseline Estimation with OVER1
Using Total Worker Sample
Excluding Natives from Denominator Shares
Imposing Min. Counts on Ethnic Industry Presence
Excluding New Arrivals over the Prior Five Years
Excluding the Taxi Industry
Panel A: Baseline Estimation without Controls
Inverse of log ethnic group size (small groups have larger values)0.582***0.440***0.615***0.588***0.475***0.472***
Isolation of ethnic group0.325***0.557***0.307***0.326***0.529***0.483***
Adjusted R-squared value0.3730.3730.3850.3630.3780.337
Panel B: Including Controls for Ethnic Group’s Traits
Inverse of log ethnic group size (small groups have larger values)0.465***0.325***0.460***0.432***0.370***0.416***
Isolation of ethnic group0.447***0.674***0.428***0.491***0.672***0.561***
Adjusted R-squared value0.4550.4790.5010.4940.4840.403
  • Notes: Estimations describe the OLS relationship between industry concentration for ethnic entrepreneurship and ethnic group size and in-marriage isolation in 2000. The outcome variable is the weighted average overage ratio across industries for each ethnic group, where the weights are levels of self-employment in each industry per group. Variables are winsorized at their 1 percent / 99 percent levels and transformed to have unit standard deviation for interpretation. Regressions include 131 observations, are weighted by log ethnic group counts, and report robust standard errors. Column 2 considers the metric that uses all employed workers for the ethnic group. Column 3 compares industry-level overages only to rates of other immigrant groups. Column 4 drops ethnic–industry settings where fewer than three observation counts exist. Column 5 excludes new arrivals to America during the prior five years, and Column 6 excludes the taxi cab industry. Panel B controls for the traits of the ethnic group in 2000: share who are 36–55 years old, share who are 55–70 years old (reference group is aged 22–35), share who are married, share who speak English well, share who have some college education, and share who have a college degree or higher (reference group is high school or less). Significance:

  • * p < 0.10,

  • ** p < 0.05,

  • *** p < 0.01.