Table 3 Impact of Homicide Rates on Labor Outcomes for Respondents Aged 18–70 in MxFLS2—Individual Fixed Effects Comparing Same Individual in MxFLS2 and MxFLS3
Worked Last Week4√Hours Worked Last 12 Months4√Hourly Earnings4√Total Earnings Last 12 Months
Panel A: Self-Employed Men
4√Homicide rate last 12 months−0.010.03−0.12**−0.52*
Sample size1,7431,7271,1031,108
Panel B: Wage-Employed Men
4√Homicide rate last 12 months0.000.1−0.04*−0.09
Sample size4,8524,7933,4823,500
Panel C: Self-Employed Women
4√Homicide rate last 12 months−0.07**−0.65***0.270.11
Sample size803803328328
Panel D: Wage-Employed Women 12 months
4√Homicide rate last−0.01−
Sample size2,1822,1721,2111,212
  • Notes: All models include marital status, household composition, rural/urban, migration expectations, preferences, emotional status, presence of relatives in United States, year of interview fixed effects, quarter of interview fixed effects, and state GDP. Standard errors clustered at the MxFLS2 municipality level in brackets. *p < 0.1, **p < 0.05, ***p < 0.01.