Table 1 Descriptive Statistics for Respondents Aged 18–70 in MxFLS2
Difference in the Homicide Rate between MxFLS2 and MxFLS3
Variables Measured in MxFLS2Above National MeanBelow National Meanp-Value
Basic demographics
   Female (percent)53.9454.550.44
   Married (percent)77.0676.180.20
   Years of education7.967.710.00
   Primary incomplete (percent)28.6031.510.00
   Primary complete (percent)27.3025.980.06
   High school incomplete (percent)39.4238.430.20
   High school complete (percent)11.3610.360.04
   College or more (percent)15.6715.280.51
Household composition
   Household size5.335.540.00
   Number of coresident children1.661.710.10
Individual characteristics
   Total earnings last 12 months2,2122,2260.51
   Hourly earnings26,73628,3940.43
   Worked last week (percent)32.1634.190.49
   Self-employed (percent)19.8923.090.00
   Wage worker (percent)65.1966.510.08
   Has relatives in United States (percent)49.0047.070.02
   Number of relatives in United States49.2442.200.00
   Most impatient (percent)1.731.770.09
   Locality characteristics52.2651.460.36
Rural (percent)
   Fear of being assaulted during the day (percent)44.8844.430.57
   Fear of being assaulted during the night (percent)7.598.200.16
   Positive probability of being assaulted (percent)11.8712.870.06
   Victim of assault outside own home (percent)33.9132.830.16
   GDP per capita (state level)13.3113.800.39
   Sample size6,29410,438