Table 4 Impact of Homicide Rates on Labor Outcomes by Measures of Fear for Self-Employed Women Aged 18–70 in MxFLS2—Individual Fixed Effects Comparing Same Individual in MxFLS2 and MxFLS3
Worked Last Week4√Hours Worked Last 12 Months
Panel A: All Self-Employed Women
4√Homicide rate last 12 months−0.07**−0.65***
Sample size803803
Panel B: Self-Employed Women Who Changed Transportation to Avoid Victimization
4√Homicide rate last 12 months−0.26***−2.40***
Sample size6363
Panel C: Self-Employed Women Who Report a Lot of Fear during the Day
4√Homicide rate last 12 months−0.24*−1.22*
Sample size4343
Panel D: Self-Employed Women Who Report a Lot/Some Fear during the Day
4√Homicide rate last 12 months−0.12*−1.04**
Sample size174174
  • Notes: All models include marital status, household composition, rural/urban, migration expectations, preferences, emotional status, presence of relatives in United States, year and quarter of interview, and state GDP. Standard errors clustered at the MxFLS2municipality level in brackets. *p < 0.1, **p < 0.05, ***p < 0.01.