Table 2

Accounting for the Female Deficit in China (000s) by Parity: 1982–2000

ParitySex Combination198219902000
2ndOne boy−372− 846−1,041
One girl9063,5697,773
3rdTwo boys−305−1,066−644
One girl, one boy149152209
Two girls8602,2802,370
4thThree boys−155−159−52
One girl, two boys− 45−757
Two girls, one boy168252126
Three girls368575404
“Missing” Girls6913,4489,239
Female Births136,723133,538110,371
Share Missing0.51%2.58%8.37%
  • Source: China Census 1% sample (1982), 1% sample (1990), .10% sample (2000). Married women ages 21–40 and their matched children ages 0–18.

  • Notes: These calculations represent the weighted average of the distortion to the fraction of sons born following a combination by the actual number of women who are observed with another child. These results will not exactly match the female deficit reported in Appendix Table A1.