Table 1

Fertility Patterns in China by Sex of Existing Children

ParitySex CombinationPercent who have another childFraction Male (of next birth)
2ndOne boy0.710.540.350.510.500.50
One girl0.750.600.490.520.550.62
3rdTwo boys0.530.300.180.500.430.39
One girl, one boy0.540.290.160.520.520.53
Two girls0.680.550.460.540.610.70
4thThree boys0.400.240.170.480.400.37
One girl, two boys0.360.170.110.510.490.52
Two girls, one boy0.440.230.140.520.550.58
Three girls0.620.540.500.560.640.72
  • Source: China Census 1% sample (1982), 1% sample (1990), .10% sample (2000). Married women ages 21–40 and their matched children ages 0–18.

  • Notes: Data in thousands. Sex ratio (boys/girls) at birth is calculated by assigning weights to each male and female that account for differential mortality rates by age, sex, and year. China life tables taken from Banister (2004).