Table 4

Male Fraction of Births by Fertility Policy in China

ParitySex CombinationPrior to One Child Policy (China 1982 Census)Post One Child Policy (China 2000 Census)
2ndOne girl0.530.530.520.510.650.620.620.58
3rdTwo girls0.540.550.520.520.710.700.690.65
4thThree girls0.550.570.520.500.730.730.680.67
  • Source: See Table 1.

  • Notes: Based on average fertility rates and sex ratios for provinces under the three main fertility regimes in China described in Feng et al. (2005). Mothers under a “1.5” policy rule are generally allowed one additional birth following a first born daughter. Mothers who are non-Han (minority) are granted exceptions to the fertility control policy as well (Scharping 2003).