Table 1

Percent leaving work for indicated destination state

Destination State
Not Working (Hours = 0)Working PT (0 < Hours < 35)
AllUnemployedFully Retired*DisabledOtherAllNot RetiredPartly Retired*
Percent distribution across columns
    All By exit age100.06.980.15.37.7100.052.147.8
      65 +100.01.694.81.22.4100.030.769.4
Summary statistics (mean or percent of column)
    Mean exit age59.356.760.056.956.558.757.560.2
    Claimed pension at exit27.
    Later returned to work30.473.823.
    Returned to full-time work if return42.871.
    Percent chance work fulltime at 6514.933.011.021.325.525.732.117.1
  • Notes: * Denotes retirement definition based on hours combined with subjective retirement status. Hours-only definition of retirement includes respondents in all columns. Variable “Percent chance work fulltime at 65” is self-assessed by respondents.