Table 8

Robustness to Selective Migration

APIP effect on SAT/ACT performance of non movers by ethnicity
Sample: All students who attended their 12th grade school for at least four years
log above 1100/24 on SAT/ACTlog above 1100/24 on SAT/ACTlog above 1100/24 on SAT/ACTlog above 900/19 on SAT/ACTlog above 900/19 on SAT/ACTlog above 900/19 on SAT/ACT
Missing values assumed to be 2
First year0.0180.1650.040.2340.005
Second year0.120.242−0.120.3780.045
Third year and beyond0.180.2620.1230.3850.257
First year0.0230.1240.0310.1830.009
Second year0.0840.166−0.1040.2940.043
Third year and beyond0.1080.2210.0430.3130.222
Missing values assumed to be 0
First year0.0060.2540.0570.342−0.003
Second year0.1970.405−0.1560.560.051
Third year and beyond0.3350.3510.2950.540.334
  • Robust standard errors in brackets. Standard errors clustered at school district level.

  • + significant at 10 percent; * significant at 5 percent; ** significant at 1 percent.

  • Notes: All regressions are based on 384 observations from 57 schools. All regression specifications include school-level controls, school fixed effects, year fixed effects, and propensity score decile by year fixed effects. Due to data masking count fewer than five are coded as missing. Treatment effects are not estimated for above 1100/24 for blacks because there are too many missing values. To provide bounds for those masked observations, missing values are assumed to be four and zero.