Table 5

Pre/postretirement changes in wealth, health, and perceptions by whether work expectation realized

Expected LeisureExpected Work
Not Realized
Not Realized
Wealth Changes pre/postretirement
    Percent change net worth at 50th percentile4.
    Percent change net worth at 75th percentile44.650.763.755.5
    Percent change stock value at 50th percentile0.
    Percent change stock value at 75th percentile56.873.320.342.0
Changes in perceptions pre/postretirement (percentage)
    Ex-ante worried about not having enough income38.042.560.656.5
    Ex-post bothered by not having enough income37.927.540.343.2
    Ex-ante worried about not being productive21.422.437.940.2
    Ex-post bothered by not being productive33.822.330.536.9
Health-related changes pre/postretirement (percentage)
    Health shock (respondent)
    Health shock (spouse if married)20.918.320.920.1
    Lost health insurance coverage17.817.114.014.7
    Expected but lost health insurance coverage10.
  • Notes: Cell entries are the centile value of row characteristic computed for each column, or the percentage of each column with row characteristic, as noted. Sample is all individuals observed two or more years after first retirement based on combined hours and self-reported retirement definition. Work after retirement includes partial retirement and unretirement. Pre/postretirement changes are measured using survey waves immediately before and after retirement date.