Table 1

Multiple Program Participation, Nonimmigrant Single-Parent Families Under 300 Percent of the Poverty Line, March CPS 2002–10

Fraction with:
Conditional on:Any Family Welfare ReportedAny Family SSI ReportedAny Family EITC ImputedAny Household SNAP/Food Stamps ReportedAny Family Medicaid Reported
Any family TANF reported1.0000.1490.4930.8660.999
Any family SSI reported0.2411.0000.3300.6190.979
Any family EITC imputed0.0710.0291.0000.2850.538
Any household SNAP/food stamps reported0.2700.1190.6161.0000.897
Any family Medicaid reported0.1730.1050.6460.4981.000