Table 7

Alternative Outcomes and Components of Food Insecurity

OutcomeCoefficient on Imputed Potential Real Cash and Food Benefits
Very low food security−0.0028
Need more to meet food needs of household−0.0114 +
Last 12 months ever ran short of food money−0.0137**
Last 12 months sometimes/often not enough food to eat in household−0.0075**
Last 12 months sometimes/often worry about running out−0.0043
Last 12 months sometimes/often food bought didn’t last and didn’t have money to buy more−0.0074
Last 12 months sometimes/often couldn’t afford to eat balanced meals−0.0057
Last 12 months ever cut meal size or skip meals because not enough money for food−0.0081
Last 12 months ever ate less than you felt you should because not enough money for food−0.0126**
Last 12 months ever hungry but didn’t eat because not enough money for food−0.0094*
  • Notes: Each cell represents coefficient on cash and food combined from a separate 2SLS regression. All models include same controls as Column 3 of Table 5.